May 11-12, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

Why You Can't Afford to Be Wrong About Risk Management

May 11, 2017
1:40pm - 2:20pm
Grand Ballroom

Consumerism has created a brave new world for healthcare. People have choices. That means if bad news surfaces in public, it could generate a calamitous loss of revenue as consumers seek care from other providers. The problem is, when it comes to risk management, healthcare is behind the curve, and only those organizations that can identify, quantify and operationalize risk will emerge as victors.

So, how do you get risk management right?

In this session, Jane Harper, the director of privacy and security risk management at Henry Ford Health System, addresses that question head-on and gives attendees information they can bank on.

She’ll cover:

  • Techniques for risk management.
  • Key changes in healthcare that affect risk environment.
  • The impact of consumerism on risk management.

Bad risk management can doom an organization just as surely as good risk management can help it succeed. Jane will separate the good from the bad and help attendees lead their organizations forward.


Director Privacy & Security Risk Management
Henry Ford Health System

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