San Francisco, CA
May 11-12, 2017

Jane Harper

Director Privacy & Security Risk Management
Henry Ford Health System

Jane Harper has over 18 years of risk, compliance, audit and security experience. Throughout her career she has established and supported, security, compliance audit and risk functions for various types and sizes of organizations. Jane also has a  strong  technical background having been a network administrator and IT leader. She also has experience implementing controls unique to healthcare and financial services, two of the more heavily regulated entities having spent over 10 years on both the provider, and insurer side of healthcare and six years on the operations and consulting side of financial services.  

Jane's career includes developing the strategy, designing the solution, implementing and maintaining various risk, compliance, audit and security programs and practices domestically and internationally. She has interfaced with various levels and types of regulators, acquiring banks and key customer organizations for various programs including HIPAA privacy and security compliance, meaningful use, PCI, NACHA, PIPEDA, UK Data Protection Act, Basel 2 and 3, DIFS, FFIEC Security, CMS compliance and solvency risk management requirements to name a few.

She has published on compliance and risk management, been cited and interviewed by industry publications like Information Week and Detroit Crain's Business. Her quantitative statistical analysis work was used as a student supplement to the McGraw-Hill Visual Statistics book.  

May 11, 2017
1:40pm - 2:20pm
Grand Ballroom

Consumerism has created a brave new world for healthcare. People have choices. That means if bad news surfaces in public, it could generate a calamitous loss of revenue as consumers seek care from other providers. The problem is, when it comes to risk management, healthcare is behind the curve, and only those organizations that can identify, quantify and operationalize risk will emerge as victors.

So, how do you get risk management right?

In this session, Jane Harper, the director of privacy and security risk management at Henry Ford Health System, addresses that question head-on and gives attendees information they can bank on.

She’ll cover:

  • Techniques for risk management.
  • Key changes in healthcare that affect risk environment.
  • The impact of consumerism on risk management.

Bad risk management can doom an organization just as surely as good risk management can help it succeed. Jane will separate the good from the bad and help attendees lead their organizations forward.

May 12, 2017
10:05am - 10:45am
Grand Ballroom

The Privacy & Security Genius Bar is a takeoff on the name for the in-store tech support provided in retail Apple Stores.

Have you got a question about healthcare privacy & security? This is the session to get it answered. It's as simple as that. We'll have two floor microphones and our expert panelists will take audience questions as they come.

One of the main values of an event like the P&S Forum is the opportunity for attendees and speakers to network and share ideas. The Genius Bar is our ongoing attempt to increase and facilitate this interaction.

Additionally, our speakers will discuss some of their most import projects over the past year and for the coming year.

May 12, 2017
10:45am - 11:25am
Grand Ballroom

One of the most valuable ways to learn is through interaction with your peers. Our “Total Engagement” session will provide an opportunity to meet speakers and attendees who have similar privacy and security challenges and discuss solutions to those challenges. Mingle, share and learn in this interactive environment.

Here's how it works:

Speakers will be stationed at different tables in the ballroom and attendees can circulate and speak one-on-one or in groups with individual speakers.

This is a great opportunity to gather information that addresses your organization’s specific privacy or cybersecurity challenges.

Speaker Line-up:

  • Jane Harper, Henry Ford Health System: Risk Management
  • Dan Bowden, Sentara Healthcare: Network Segmentation, Two-Factor Authentication
  • Jamie Lam, UCSF School of Medicine: Shadow IT, Cloud Computing
  • Sharon Klein, Pepper Hamilton: Mobile Medical Applications
  • Kevin Fu, University of Michigan: Medical Device Security
  • Matt Trevors, CERT: Insider Threats, Social Engineering
  • Darin Prill, Children's Mercy Hospital, Incident Response
  • Kim Jones, Arizona State University: Metrics
  • Allen Briskin, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman: HIPAA Compliance
  • Terry Ziemniak, Carolinas Healthcare System: Leadership and Communicationt

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