San Francisco, CA
May 11-12, 2017


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Day 1

What Can We Learn from How Hollywood Portrays Healthcare Personas, or How Did We Get from “Marcus Welby” to "House" in Fifty Years?

Going Global: Change Your Global Mantra - Not Just Your Logo

It’s the Unconscious Mind that Runs the Show in HIT Engagement!

Healthcare C-Suite Personas: Landmark Persona Study: Key Emotional and Business Triggers Driving HIT Purchasing

A Holistic Approach to Measuring Live Event ROI in the Digital Age

Tribal Marketing and Social Media - Don’t Just Engage, Inspire Your Audience

From Zero to Hero: How to Become a Content Marketing Machine

Accelerate Sales with Metric-Centric Content

Experiential Marketing - It's Much More than Espresso Machines

Sharpen Your Social Media Listening Skills for a Competitive Advantage

The Evolution of Account-based Marketing to Collaborative Buying Groups Insights

Legal Obstacles for Digital Content Marketing in Healthcare

Rise Above the Show Floor Noise: Best Practices and Trainwrecks to Avoid

Tap Social Media Influencers to Amplify and Humanize Your Message

How to Reach Niche Decision-Makers with Podcasts

Building Your Customer Journey with Google Analytics

HIT Vendor Marketing Spend Benchmarks - How Do You Stack Up?

How to Generate Monster Leads: Elevate Your Brand with Emotional Storytelling


Day 2

The Inside Story of How Cleveland Clinic Built an Award-Winning Content Marketing Powerhouse

Brand Renewel: Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

Who's Buying What: HIT Global Market Landscape for 2017 and Forward

HIT Decision Making: The One Emotion that Matters Most

Going Guerrilla: Content Marketing for Disruptive Sales Strategies

Messaging Insights: Looking at the Same Mountain? The Great Disconnect Between Providers and HIT Vendor Messaging

Unlock the Power of Brand Experience with a Former Disney Imagineer

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